R&D status

Division Developments Description Development Budget(KRW Million) Development Period Remarks
1 Development of needle supplier A device that automatically supplies a precise number of needles to blister packaging machine used for exports 30 2003.05~2003.12
2 Development of micro needle insertion device Development of product with improved performance and hygiene of mezzo roller used for micro needle treatment as a new treatment for skin care and scalp treatments 95 2006.09~2007.08 Supported by SMBA
3 Development of heated needle alloy and heated needle device Development of a device capable of delivering heat inside needle and controlling time and alloy with increased tensile strength by improving the strength using silver and copper that are cheaper than gold 196 2008.08~2010.07 Supported by SMBA
4 Development of roller supplier Development of a device that automatically supplies needle used for injecting pixel of Derma-Q product used for skin care 30 2009.12~2010.06
5 Development of multi-functional acupoint stimulation device with real time feedback function Development of a device that maximizes the treatment effect of repetitive treatment by deriving the optimum method from treatment process and applying to next treatment real time 600 2009.05~2011.04 Supported by Ministry of Health and Welfare
6 Development of automatic mugwort moxa cone manufacturing machine Development of a machine capable of mass manufacturing of mugwort moxa cone used in hyperthermia from manual press method to automatic forming method 60 2009.01~2009.10
7 Development of pouch packaging machine Development of a facility that automatically packages pouch packaging to decrease the raw cost from manual pouch packaging of needles previously taken by over 95% of needles produced in Korea 150 2009.09~2010.12
8 Development of disposable sterile cupping cup Development of disposable sterile cupping cup to solve the hygienic problem of previous cupping cups that were sterilized and reused 120 2010.06~2011.10
9 Development of disposable sterile filiform acupuncture needle for electric stimulation Development of automatic assembly machine that automates the combination process of needle and needle tube which was previously conducted manually 58 2010.02~2011.11 Joint development with Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine
10 Development of fusion system for oriental rehabilitation and pain control using electromagnetic and broadband laser Development of a treatment device with selective control of broadband laser and electromagnetic output for rehabilitation and pain control of musculoskeletal system using a device integrating laser needle(Development of part combining optical fiber and needle) 20 2009.10~2014.11 Task by Ministry of Health and Welfare (Participated by Dongshin University)
11 Development of filiform needle suitable for warm needle treatment Development of needle material and warm needle reacting to magnetic field used for hyperthermia using magnetic field heater 50 2012.04~2014.06