Introduction to Laboratory

Dongbang Medical, which made accompanied growth with customers through products contributing to improved health and beauty of people, is making new challenges in its annex laboratories.

It is giving unstinted efforts to developing oriental medical devices and automated facilities that can become the basis of development of oriental medicine through product and facility laboratory and equipment and apparatus laboratory, and is striving to scientificate the oriental medical device field through industrial and academic joint research. Also, to develop special purpose oriental medical devices and to improve the quality of products, we are continuing to develop automation of facilities to become a company of highest customer satisfaction.

Bio laboratory has set medical devices and cosmetics product development as its research fields and aims to develop medical devices and cosmetics products with world leading performance and safety. In order to develop products with outstanding performance and safety, it is combining independent R&D and joint research with external technological groups.

    Research Fields

  • Product Development

    Oriental and western medical devices, cosmetics products

  • Technological Development

    Product analysis method development, external technological investigation

  • Equipment Development

    Skin care product development

  • Facility Development

    Automation facility development


  • Medical Device Research Team

    Tissue repair biomaterial, thread for lifting treatment

  • Tissue repair biomaterial, thread for lifting treatment

    External preparation after skin treatment at clinics, micro needle material

  • Others

    Oriental medical devices, equipment, and automation facility development team