• Dong Bang Moxibustion Pillow

    Dong Bang Moxibustion PillowDB250
    • Do not let your head touch the ground when you lie back on the wooden pillow
    • Use it more than 10 minutes everyday, and gradually increase the time.
    • If it is too hard, use a towel.
    • Dong bang moxibustion pillow prevents cold and clears head by stimulating the governor vessel
  • Dong Bang Mugwort Charcoal

    Dong Bang Mugwort CharcoalDB250
    90g / box

    Charcoal made with high-quality moxibustion mugwort is covered with red clay. It creates no smell or smoke, so it is easy to use in hospitals and/or home.

    Mugwort charcoal for Dong bang moxibustion pillowDB250
    90g / box

    Dong bang Medical mugwort charcoal is coated with red clay, so during combustion, it creates large amount of far-infrared radiation. This far-infrared radiation helps to deliver heat energy deep into the body.

  • Dong Bang Wang Mugwort Charcoal

    Dong Bang Wang Mugwort CharcoalDB251
    30EA / Box
    Moxibustion for heat moxa
  • Dong Bang AeWang Moxa

    Dong Bang AeWang MoxaDB251A
    Dong Bang AeWang Moxa (Big)
    Dong Bang AeWang Moxa (small)
  • Dongbangae Mildness Device

    Dongbangae Mildness Device
    For hot needles
  • Hyean 99

    Hyean 99DB256
    Set composition (2 mildness devices, 1 goggle type fastener)
  • Dongbang Mildness Device

    Dongbang Mildness DeviceDB253
    1 pc/set (including fastening belt)
  • Danjeon Moxa Device (Heat Resistant Silicone)

    Danjeon Moxa Device (Heat Resistant Silicone)DB254
    1 pc/set (Set composition: 1 each of Danjeon Moxa Device, Lighter, Tweezers)
  • Mildness Device 1 Home Set

    Mildness Device 1 Home SetDB255A
    Including heat resistant supporter
    Purpose: For acupoint moxa
  • Mildness Device 3 Home Set

    Mildness Device 3 Home SetDB255B
    Including heat resistant silicone supporter
    Purpose: Vessel meridian and governor vessel meridian moxa
  • Mildness Device 5 Home Set

    Mildness Device 5 Home SetDB255C
    Including heat resistant silicone supporter
    Purpose: Abdominal moxa
  • Mildness Device 6 Home Set

    Mildness Device 6 Home SetDB255D
    Including heat resistant supporter
    Purpose: Abdominal and back moxa
  • Heat reducing paper

    Heat reducing paperDB224
    200 pcs/pouch
  • Dongbang Pipe

    Dongbang PipeDB208
    200 pcs/box
  • Smokeless Pipe

    Smokeless PipeDB208A
    200 pcs/box
  • Long Pipe

    Long PipeDB208B
    40 pcs/box
  • Economic Gugwan

    Economic GugwanDB208C
    1,000 pcs/pouch
    Dimensions : 7mm×105mm
  • Gugwan Pipe

    Gugwan PipeDB209
    1-tube / 5-tube
  • Mugwort moxa – premium type

    Mugwort moxa – premium typeDB200
    10g / Box
  • Mugwort moxa – premium type

    Mugwort moxa – premium typeDB200A
    100g / Bulk
  • Mugwort moxa – economic type

    Mugwort moxa – economic typeDB200C
    1kg / Bulk
  • Moxa frame

    Moxa frameDB217B
    Loose/dimensions: 65mm (diameter) x 76mm (height)
  • New Yellow Clay Ring

    New Yellow Clay RingDB217D
    10 bundle/Diameter: 65mm
  • Needle cap

    Needle capDB206A
    1000 pcs/pouch
  • Dongbang bonggu

    Dongbang bongguDB205
    20 pcs / box
    Dimensions : 11mm×220mm
  • Yejogu

    2000 pcs/box
    Dimensions : 11mm×15mm
  • Cut Mugwort Moxa Cone

    Cut Mugwort Moxa Cone
    A 5,000pcs/pouch/7.5mm DB221A
    B 2,000pcs/pouch/15mm DB221B
  • Sagunjahyang

  • Sambohyang

  • Incense burner

    Incense burnerDB210B
    Incense holder, supporter/set
  • Moxa cone

    A 1000 pcs/pouch DB201A
    B 2000 pcs/pouch DB201B
  • Pungnyeon Moxa

    Pungnyeon MoxaDB203
    225 pcs/box
  • Yangsaeng Moxa

    Yangsaeng MoxaDB204
    30 pcs/box
  • Dongbang Mini Moxa Bulk (Hot, Mild)

    Dongbang Mini Moxa Bulk (Hot, Mild)
    A 1,000pcs/pouch DB220D(Hot)
    B 2,000pcs/pouch DB220D(Mild)
  • Smokeless Mini Moxa Cone

    Smokeless Mini Moxa ConeDB207